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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management is a process where all your pest needs and possible solutions for managing pests are looked at as a collective. Chemical treatments can be greatly reduced and even eliminated if simple actions or changes are made.

“The control of pests by employing all methods consistent with economic, ecological and toxicological requirements whilst giving priority to nature limiting factors and economic thresholds.”

Commercial businesses where food or dry goods are prepared, sold or stored (but not limited to) will have their own Health & Safety requirements for managing pests effectively and will be required to comply with Food Safety Regulations. 

Our Integrated Pest Management system allows businesses to take a holistic look at all possible pest risks within their business and manage them effectively before they are a problem. It is also used to monitor an individual business’s compliance to their own internal Health & Safety requirements. Regular monitoring and compliance checks are carried out by us with corrective actions issued when needed. This process is often a requirement for Food Stores, Franchised or large food & beverage businesses.

Integrated Pest Management Diagram

Assessment, Prevention and Control is the correct process for Integrated Pest Management.

The Spiderman approaches all potential pest control treatments via this Integrated Pest Management process for both domestic and commercial clients. Following this process ensures we understand the client’s pest issue(s) completely, allowing us to offer further solutions that support our treatments, ensuring we use the minimum approved products for control, reducing the impact on nature, our environment and the customers pocket.