Pricing and Quotes

Pricing is generally based on the size of your property, which determines how long it will take us to treat effectively. Property sizing is simple – we can estimate size via a phone conversation or a quick visit to your property.

When treatments are required for either inside, outside or both, we categorize residential properties as ‘under 200 square metres’ or ‘over 200 square metres’. The total area size can include garages, sheds, washing line areas, decks and play areas in addition to the main residential property.

Small New Zealand house
Michal Klajban / Creative Commons

A standard 3-bedroom, 1-2 bathroom home with a garage (attached/detached) with a small implement shed is usually priced as ‘under 200 square metres’.

Large New Zealand house
Michal Klajban / Creative Commons

A large home (often multi-level) with 3-4 bedrooms, two or more bathrooms and multiple sheds would usually be priced as ‘over 200 square metres’.

Public Trust Office, Blenheim
Michal Klajban / Creative Commons

Our commercial premises range in size and type and all have different needs. We work with our business clients to ensure that we deliver safe and effective pest control, often working outside normal business hours.

Accurate quotations for complex treatments, sites with challenging access or oversized properties will require an on-site visit.

For commercial properties, a site visit is usually always necessary to discuss each business’s pest control requirements and develop a tailored approach that will manage the issues and conform to any Health & Safety protocols that the business has in place. Many of our business clients use our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services.

Whenever possible, try to combine services as this will make treatments more cost effective. Treating both the exterior and interior of your home in combination will provide extra confidence that your property will remain pest free throughout the year.