Other Pests

Carpet Beetle & Clothes Moth
Carpet Beetle
servitude / Creative Commons

Both insects are fabric pests and may be found eating natural fibre materials such as wool, cotton and linen. They attack carpets and clothing and can be found in carpet edges, heavy furniture, movable floor coverings, linen cupboards & wardrobes.

Clothes Moth
Patrick Clement / Creative Commons
Dluogs / Creative Commons

Silver Fish Also a fabric pest that eats on paper and will cause irreparable damage to books, posters and paper based objects. They can be found in cupboards, wardrobes, behind pictures & posters, wall hangings, book cases, filing cabinets and books.

Red Clover Mite
Red Clover mites
zzazazz / Creative Commons

A microscopic insect, red in colour and found in soils and grasses. These insects are often imported onto your property in top soils, dirt and new turf. When squished the insect leaves a red staining mark on surfaces which often leaves a difficult to remove dye staining.

Booklice (Psocids)
jeans_Photos / Creative Commons

These insects are not lice at all and do not eat books, but instead eat fungi and mould. They can range in size from  1 mm to almost 10 mm and can be found eating fungi in old stored paper, books, files and other such items.